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Double Belly Band & support maternity


Gently lifts the abdominal area to relieve back, pubic, and pelvic pain especially while walking or standing by taking the pressure off your body. Our belt promotes proper posture and balance during pregnancy while being able to remain active and continue your lifestyle without pain! Double band for even more...
Belt Pregnancy - prenatal care


Our organic cotton belt will meet all your expectations for the well-being of your belly: comfort, softness and naturalness.Worn as close to your belly as possible, sometimes a whole day without interruption, it has the advantage of acting as a second skin.The pregnancy belt is used to maintain the stomach and...
Pregnancy belt - dual purpose


Who is suitable for using this pregnancy maternity support belty band. The fetus of pregnant woman is too large Malposition, outside help pregnant women by doctors after surgery righting Abdominal muscle soreness pregnant women Belly sagging, prone to premature delivery and miscarriage in pregnant women Worry about sagging abdomen, affecting...

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